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 GoldenAmount > $3000 or over 6 bundles  per order

Member Intro: 

Congratulation to join in lavyhair,  we will offer the best service and best peremium hair. 

1. Member Sign-up: 
How to be a LAVYHAUR VIP members?  You only need to register in website, can become a Lavyhair VIP members

2. How to upgrade my membership? 
 * When your total amount over $1000, system will automatically update you as silver VIP  to enjoy 5% off. Shopping again will be able to enjoy the silver VIP discount.

  * When orders total amount over $3000 or over over 6 bundles in a order,, system will automatically update you as golden VIP  to enjoy 10% off. Shopping again will able to enjoy the golden VIP discount.